Cascade Festival of African Films: LES PETITS CHATS



LES PETITS CHATS Thursday Evening Documentary Films

Directed by Sherif Nakhla Egypt, 2014 , 80 min.

Thursday Evening Documentary Films

Sherif Nakhla’s documentary takes viewers back to Egypt’s “Golden Age” of the 60s and 70s where crowds in the thousands danced the night away to legendary Egyptian cover band Les Petits Chats. Singing American and European hits to packed nightclubs and walking the streets like “seven Elvises”, band members navigate music and fame through wars, protests and a drastically shifting cultural and political landscape. Although they took different paths after the band’s breakup in the 80s, in 2009 they were brought together for one final concert. Six members, all major celebrities and musicians now, play to a packed house of people nostalgic for better times and looking for an escape to the conditions of pre-revolution Egypt. The band leader Wagdi Francis’s niece (and new CFAF coordinator) Tracy Francis will lead the post-film discussion.

In Arabic with English subtitles.

Not suitable for children.