Village Building Convergence



Hands-on Action - Sustainable Community Projects at more than 20 sites around Portland. There will also be Workshops - natural building, sustainable urban design, permaculture, community, creating social capital, Organic Food, World Changing Organizations, Health and Wellbeing Space, and more!

We come together at sites around the city to create natural building, permaculture, and public art projects. These include benches, community kiosks, gardens, street paintings, tile mosaics, and more! Neighbors have been collaboratively designing these projects for months, creating community with each other in the process. People come from near and far to learn skills and help bring these designs to life, while celebrating creativity and diversity! This part of the event is free.


Evening: We gather at St. Davids of Wales Episcopal Church for a night of wholesome food, presentations by leaders in the forefront of positive change, and exhilarating musical performances from local bands and DJ's.

Prices here are $15 in advance and $20 at the door, with added pricing options for food. Worktrade is available most nights to make the event widely accessible. 503.583.8532