EARNEST LOVERS release party!



116 NE Russell


The Earnest Lovers are vintage honky tonk heartbreak seranaders Pete Krebs (Hazel, Stolen Sweets, Portland Playboys) and Leslie Beia (Copper & Coal, The Lowburners). An alliance forged from their mutual and devoted love of the golden era of country duets, the Lovers have set out to capture that classic sound and to invigorate it with new life in the form of original compositions. With one foot solidly rooted in tradition while allowing the other to two-step forward in exploration, they promise a sound as comforting as old whiskey and as compelling as that fancy new cocktail at the Sapphire Hotel.

They'll be releasng their CD and celebrating with us in the listening audience, those at the Secret Society, and Cahalen Morrison & Country Hammers, and Doug and Dee.

KBOO will also be streaming this concert live, tune into kboo.fm for the listen-at-home link!