Fake Radio Presents: A Live Recreation of Lux Radio Theater’s 1944 Broadcast of “Casablanca”


1422 S.W. 11th Avenue

Important Venue Notes

The Old Church Concert Hall 1422 SW 11th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97201 (503) 222-2031 • staff@theoldchurch.org https://www.theoldchurch.org



"Slickly professional in every particular..."
The LA Times

"A palpable sense of infectious goofiness..."
The LA Weekly

Our third year in Stumptown! Fake Radio proudly presents its first show of the 2019 season: our recreation of Lux Radio Theatre’s hit 1944 broadcast of "Casablanca"! Joining the cast is famed guest star Mindy Sterling, the acclaimed comic actor, and voice artist. Mindy is best known for her portrayal of "Frau Farbissina", Dr. Evil's wife, in all of the "Austin Powers" movies.

Doors at 7pm
Curtain at 8pm

$20 for general admission
$25 for VIP seating in the first two rows

FB Event Page:

Featuring top talent from both Portland and Los Angeles, Fake Radio will re-enact this hit radio show the old-fashioned way: dressed in period clothing and standing with scripts in hand in front of old microphones. Sound and music effects will make you feel like you're watching a live radio recording from the 1940s. We'll even re-create the old commercials! Just be ready for the cast to occasionally go off-script!

"Casablanca" Set over a backdrop of adventure and cunning double-crosses, this classic story begins with a charming and cool American expatriate named Rick. Rick owns a café and gaming parlor which lies at the heart of the French-controlled city of Casablanca. When a femme fatale enters his café, Rick is forced to confront his painful past. As the Nazis and the French police tighten their control over his city, Rick is forced to make a difficult decision. Will he choose to love one, special woman or help a leader of The Resistance to escape from Casablanca and continue his fight against the Nazis. The 1943 film was so popular, that it was adapted for the radio and broadcast in 1944 on CBS for the Lux Radio Theatre, starring Alan Ladd, Hedy Lamarr, and John Loder. 

For almost 20 years, "Fake Radio" has been delighting audiences and critics alike with their unique re-creations of classic radio shows from 1938 - 1958. Their shows transport audiences back in time to a live taping of an old-time-radio show. The troupe performs in the same fashion popularized during the Golden Age: cast members dress in period clothing, standing before old microphones, scripts in hand, re-creating classic stories while all of the sound effects are perfectly synchronized. The troupe's well-known hallmark is expertly blending the original broadcast scripts — including the absurd commercials! — with unexpected improvisation.

Over time, the troupe has garnered the respect and participation of a host of well-known actors and comedians. Previous Fake Radio guest stars include:

Emmy Award winners John Larroquette, Ray Romano & Marcia Wallace; Comedy legends Fred Willard, The Kids in the Hall, & Phil Proctor from The Firesign Theatre; noted alternative comedians Tom Kenny, Maria Bamford & Rick Overton; well-established TV actors such as Jeff Garlin, John Lynch, Debra Skelton & Dean Cain; and even one of the original cast members from Saturday Night Live: Larraine Newman.