OMSI Pub Talk: Science of Body Language: How to Be A Human Lie Detector


3702 SE Hawthorne Blvd



Date: Sep. 9, 2013 Time: 7-9pm (doors open at 5pm) *get there early if you want food and drink! Located at: McMenamins Bagdad Theater, 3702 SE Hawthorne Blvd Who is this for: 21+ (or minor with adult) Cost: $5 suggested donation

Science Pub Portland - Bagdad Theater The Science of Body Language: How to Become a Human Lie Detector with Vanessa Van Edwards

We are told hundreds of lies each and every day -- from advertisements, our colleagues and, of course, from our friends and family. Is there a way to know when people are lying to you? Is there a scientific way to spot hidden emotions in those around you? New research shows that yes, we can detect lies from facial expressions, body language and voice tone. In this lively presentation, Vanessa Van Edwards shares the latest research and actionable tips on lie detection in the workplace so attendees can make better hiring decisions, build better rapport and communicate more effectively. She will use case studies, videos and practical tips that can be applied immediately.

Vanessa Van Edwards is a published author and behavioral investigator. Her specialty is human lie detection and body language in the business world. And the unique approach of her company, the has reached audiences all over the world on CNN, Forbes, Business Week and the Wall Street Journal. She is a sought-after consultant and speaker. Vanessa is a published Penguin author and a Huffington Post columnist. She regularly gives keynotes and appears in the media to talk about her research.

Science Pub Portland at the Mission Theater is a monthly event open to anyone aged 21+ (or minor with adult). No RSVP or scientific background required. Just bring your curiosity, sense of humor, and appetite for food, drinks, and knowledge!

Doors open at 5pm; $5 suggested cover charge.

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