MLK Day Habitat Restoration


10368 SE Knapp St, Portland, OR 97266

Important Venue Notes

Go to Knapp Falls on SE Knapp St, ¼ mile east of Mt. Scott Blvd. Searching Knapp Falls on Google maps will take you to the correct location in SE Portland, East of I-205. Street parking available.



On the 2019 Martin Luther Kind Jr. Day of Service, volunteer your time to improve habitat at Indian Creek Natural Area! We will focus on removing English Ivy in order to enhance habitat quality for this natural area. Ivy can smother and weigh down trees, so we will perform tree “lifesavers” to save the trees, which provide habitat for wildlife, shade the creek, and improve ecosystem health. Be ready to work hard with your community on this day of service!

Martin Luther King Junior dedicated his life to service and selflessness. To honor his legacy, we will participate in reflective conversation and activities in addition to our restoration work. Please join us!