2018 Homowo & Twins Festival


3421 SE Salmon St.

Important Venue Notes

3421 SE Salmon St Portland, OR 97214



The annual Homowo & Twins Festival is coming this September 22nd, in Portland, Oregon! This special occasion celebrated each year by the Ga people of Ghana, West Africa, celebrates a bountiful harvest, and twins and fertility. FREE and open to all, come celebrate with music, food, dancing, performance, and activities.

Enjoy live music and dance performances: - Comfort Tetteh (New York, NY), professional dancer and former Ghana National Dance Ensemble member. - Ibrahim Kelly (Portland, OR), Mali-born master djembe fola (player), Malian blues guitarist, Dusu Mali Band leader, dancer, and instructor. - Loveness Wesa (Portland, OR), Zimbabwe-born writer, choreographer, producer, musician, and dancer. - Ekome (Portland, OR), traditional Ghanian music and dance performance ensemble, founded and led by Nii Ardey Allotey since 1992. - And more!

2018 Homowo & Twins Festival FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/201948757114431/

About the two festivals in Ghana: Homowo is a harvest festival celebrating the end of hunger; Homowo means: "And with great joy, they hooted at hunger!"

Twins are considered messengers from God and are thereby cherished by their families and communities. The Twins Festival of the Ga people in Ghana, West Africa is a special occasion that is celebrated each year to honor twins and fertility in the Greater Accra region and its surrounding area.

The festival is made possible through support from the Regional Arts & Culture Council, EQC Home Agency, Anansi Beat, and Cricket Cafe.