Fighting Talk: Lessons from UK Antifascists


14 NE Killingsworth St.



Three anti-fascists with decades of experiences between them will be sharing their insights into anti-fascist activism in the UK. From street brawls with the National Front in the 80s through to smashing the neo-Nazi terror outfit National Action in the 2010s, this talk will cover what was done, why it was done and what can be learned from the successes and mistakes.

This presentation will convey lessons and experiences militant anti-fascists have gained from attempting to organise against a major far-right political party and a large far-right street movement, following the collapse of the legendary Anti-Fascist Action. No Platform and Antifa tried to oppose the British National Party (BNP) but ultimately failed to stop it from gaining nearly a million votes. But Antifa did have a number of successes against far-right street groups which tried to launch or exist in the same period. Then as the BNP imploded the English Defence League (EDL) emerged pulling thousands onto the streets to oppose Muslims. The Anti-Fascist Network wasn’t able to hold back the EDL but had some successes tackling smaller EDL splinter groups. We look at what these groups managed to achieve, from broken Nazis to broken Nazi groups and the lessons antifascists can learn from them.

Childcare will be provided!