2018 Garden Tour presented by Multnomah District Garden Clubs



7505 SE Hogan Road

Important Venue Notes

Come and stroll amongst the various styles of gardens from ‘country’ to ‘formal’ to ‘designed for entertaining.’ Tour 2 sets of gardens on the northern edge of Clackamas County Saturday, June 23rd and Sunday June 24th 10 AM to 2 PM Ticket Cost: $15.00 Tickets can be purchased at: Al’s Garden Center, 7505 SE Hogan Rd, Gresham, OR 97080 Boring Bark, 30265 Oregon Hwy 212, Boring, Oregon 97009 Or contact Janet at (503) 723-0239 E-mail: MultnomahDistrictGardenClubs@gmail.com Please No Pets



These two sets of gardens allow you to walk from one garden into the next one.

Joan and Don’s awarding winning rose garden has 150 or more rose bushes that are cared for by these Rose Society of Portland members. This well landscaped garden is filled with new varieties of plants as well. After visiting the Rose Garden, walk next door to see Ralph and Theresa’s landscape that is designed for entertaining around their swimming pool and hot tub, as well as, enjoying their expansive view of the mountains.

The next set of gardens, belong to Saundra and Henry. Their garden is filled with charming containers, along with a large vegetable garden that grows prize winning cantaloupes.

Saundra and Henry’s property is attached to their son, Darrel and daughter-in-law, Brenda’s garden. To reach Darrel and Brenda’s garden, you walk along a winding path enjoying the beauty of the woods entering into a large garden designed for entertaining. They have opened their home to family weddings and anniversary parties, which included dancing and seating amongst the various garden rooms.