Important Venue Notes

Audience members will enter through the South entrance.



In CRANE, eight women share the stage with live foliage and video projection in a performance witnessed in-the-round. Moving in configurations ranging from groups of two to clusters of eight, sometimes wearing high heels, the result is a strikingly odd dance that becomes sensual, comical, delicate, and volatile throughout its duration. Choreographed by Artistic Director Amy Leona Havin in collaboration with company members Lyndsey Gray Parsons, Heather Hindes, Jillian Hobbs, Briley Jozwiak, Lena Traenkenschuh, Carly Nicole Ostergaard, and Catherine ‘Caty’ Raupp, the dancers begin with a vulnerable 30-minute pre-performance durational act in which they alternate lounging in dim lighting and striding towards each other with arms of flora. The projection mapping by Joseph Wells and video by Tomás Alfredo Valladares sets CRANE in a kaleidoscope of natural imagery, forming an intimate and ambient stage atmosphere from which the dancers do not exit. In various states of dress, the women lean and fall according to the momentum created by an acute awareness of their bodies and internal instincts. Having thoroughly researched Common Cranes over a 14-month rehearsal period with the help of dramaturge Rachel Levens, the dancers execute migratory behaviors—specifically those of cranes which flock annually North to Israel’s Hula Valley— through winding choreography and task-oriented movement scores. In a flurry of legs, hands, hair, and breath, each woman demonstrates what it is to be one amongst the flock.