Multicultural Portland Tour


SW 2nd St & Ankeny



While today, Portland is known as one of the whitest cities in the U.S., its multicultural and immigrant communities have a rich and storied history. Join us for the only Portland tour to uncover our multicultural past, and learn about the remarkably diverse Old Town/ Chinatown community.

Topics covered in this 2-hour walking tour include:

Portland’s “Old” and “New” Chinatowns, the home to the second largest Chinese population in the U.S., and the fallacy of the Shanghai Tunnels The site of Portland’s first African American community, including hotels, jazz clubs and barbershops prior to integration. “Nihonmachi,” Portland’s Japan Town, and its sudden disappearance after Japanese internment during WWII. We’ll also explore the neighborhood’s roots, and how it has served as an umbrella for the LGBT community, the homeless and more. From showing the challenges, discrimination and inequality faced by Portland’s multicultural communities, to highlighting the perseverance and contributions of our city’s immigrants, Multicultural Portland is essential to understanding the city we know and love today.