Sounds of Brazil PDX: 10th Annual Dia do Choro Concert


1422 S.W. 11th Avenue



Portland's 10th Annual Dia do Choro Concert Celebrating Brazilian Composers

Choro music is roots jazz from Brazil, and considered Brazil's first "urban pop" music. In this unique show you will experience a wide range of pieces of Choro and other genres by many of Brazil's important 20th century composers, such as Pixinguinha, Jacob do Bandolim, Tom Jobim, Baden Powell, and many more. 4 acts in one show!

Come hear the intricate and sultry instrumental melodies of classic choro, the edgy syncopation of modern choro, emotive samba and bossa nova, and other genres. This is a rare opportunity to hear a wide range of composers, performed by four diverse acts: Solo Guitar, Mandolin/Guitar Duo, Piano/Guitar Duo, and Ensemble. Special guests include Alexandra Santos (Vocals) and Lisa Seifert (wind instruments).

More about CHORO DA ALEGRIA Portlands ensemble dedicated to playing wonderful melodies of various Brazilian composers. Our group draws much inspiration from the genre Choro, which is vintage jazz from Brazil. Beyond the Choro genre the groups repertoire includes classic tunes of Bossa Nova and Musica Popular Brasileira (MPB). Choro da Alegria is a play on words: it can mean Cry of happiness or Choro music gives happiness. Tom Pinit - bandolim/Brazilian mandolin, vocals Pam Beaty - 7-string guitar, cavaquinho, vocals Esteban Diaz - percussion Peter Fung - cavaquinho, percussion

More about DUO BECAR: Florence Deutsch started playing the piano at age 6 in her native Sibiu, Romania. She studied at the Scoala Generala de Arte (Classical Piano) and was among finalists in citywide, and regional piano competitions. Even as the Iron Curtain prevented many from traveling outside of Eastern Europe, her skills earned her travel to performances in Vienna and Linz, Austria. She later developed a passion for Brazilian music.

Sergio Botelho was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and started playing the guitar at age 10, soon becoming fascinated by the sultry rhythms and lush harmonies in the music of his homeland. He later fell in love with classical guitar, and today can feel at home playing both popular and erudite music.

More about Allen Mathews (solo guitar) Allen has been performing Brazilian music for over a decade, and is one of the original artists who helped form Portlands Dia do Choro. His solo guitar interpretations of Brazilian composers is not to be missed.

More about Olivia and Rene (Mandolin/Guitar) Olivia Duffy and Rene Berblinger form a classic choro duo, and have been parts of the Portlands choro scene for several years. Olivia and Rene have been pleasing audiences with their exceptional musicianship and thoughtful arrangements of Choro music.