Building a Culture of Consent


3029 SE 21st Ave.

Important Venue Notes

People’s Co-op Community Room 3029 SE 21st Ave. Portland, OR



Building a culture of consent is an essential piece to the full expression of our sensuality and sexuality, which is innate to our human experience. The transition between what has been the norm to creating new norms of consent can be messy, awkward, uncomfortable, challenging, and at times, scary. Yet, our ability to honor and encourage boundaries while creating space for exploration and discovery holds the key to unlocking our full expression and sexual self-respect.

Consent can be hot and juicy! Sex is natural, beautiful, and sacred. The more we engage, the more comfortable we get. As the new norms take root in us, they will grow in our culture to create greater beauty, connection, and fulfilled desire.

This day-long immersion will... ~~ Illuminate the unspoken assumptions, beliefs, and societal concepts at play in our intimate experiences ~~ Explore the roots of dysfunction within our culture ~~ Teach foundations and tools for consensual intimacy ~~ Engage in a practicum to apply what you learn

Together we will create a held, confidential container for our tender places, courageous strength, and fallible humanity.

Investment: $55 Register here:

~~ Feedback from past workshops ~~ "Thank you for creating such a safe and open space for vulnerability and communication."

“Great knowledge”

“It was intense. Good intense!”

“I enjoyed the positive vibes and practice time.”

“It was soothing, sometimes silly, never solemn, but certainly serious. I felt welcome. I was assured I could open up.”

"I really appreciated the connection and level of vulnerability with our group. I also am grateful for the new insight, language and tools around consent offered in this workshop. Thank you!"

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