The Reunion


17 SE 8th Ave.



Dolores visits a reunion of a high school she did not attend as a cacophony of characters try to determine her identity. Live music, physical comedy and absurdity run rampant.

January 12-20, 2018 Imago Theatre – 17 SE 8th Avenue Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30pm and one matinee performance at 2pm on Sunday, January 14th

ABOUT THE PLAY John, her husband, is continually ignored. Dolores, his wife, tells all she meets that she’s dying. The soon-to-be-gone and the invisible, Carol Triffle’s motifs, are lightly cloaked in this existential comedy of bad manners at a high school reunion. Triffle’s universe questions, comments, and insults with fire-words skewering each character. All are alone and desperate for companionship yet bound by their aloneness. Live music jolts the absurdity to bubbly heights and side tracks serious moments into comedic ditches. "The Reunion" can’t be codified and flies like a wild aircraft ricocheting off muddy memories, regrets and the uncertainty of hope. Dolores is an enthusiastic but reluctant pilot of her life. On her one and last night’s voyage, Dolores refuses to touch down. Nonetheless, all is good when she lands smoothly, easily and unharmed (almost).

The cacophony and absurdity is accented as the ensemble of six each joins in as members of the reunion’s cover band.