Life in Behavioral Health


721 NW 9th Avenue Suite 200

Important Venue Notes

A storytelling event by United We Heal. Social Services workers come together and talk about lives -- theirs, their clients, the community's. Free food and free venue. RSVP.



One in five adults has a mental health condition. These are our loved ones, our neighbors, our colleagues and our friends. But when care providers are exhausted and overworked, they can’t do their best work to help clients recover and heal. In today’s behavioral health system, real barriers stand in clients’ way—and many of these issues stem from the fact that workers aren’t being heard or supported. Join us in listening to the voices of those who work to meet the needs of our families and communities.

United we heal!

October 15th @ 6pm Ecotrust: 721 NW 9th Ave. Suite 200

This event is free, and is open to behavioral health providers, allies, and representatives of community partner organizations.

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*Stories may contain adult language and describe traumatic events