Sunday Parkways - NEW Outer Northeast


14015 NE Glisan St

Important Venue Notes

Join us at several Outer Northeast Parks or along the route as a volunteer.



Were closing down the streets and opening them up to cyclists, walkers, skaters and even horses! We need your help on August 20th to make it a success. You'll get to meet your community and will be provided with a Sunday Parkways volunteer t-shirt, snacks and water.

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We have a role for everyone! Our Superheroes are one of the most important volunteers at Sunday Parkways, helping neighbors who live directly on the route. We're closing the streets and packing them with thousands of people. To make it work for everyone, you're there to help neighbors safely drive to and from their houses, and help direct all other drivers around the event.

Responsibilities Act as an ambassador to the neighborhood on behalf of Sunday Parkways Escort automobiles to or from houses on the route within a block of your intersection *Direct all other automobiles to the nearest police- or flagger-controlled intersection


Be cheerful, energetic, communicative, empathetic and authoritative Understand and follow directions given by the Volunteer Coordinator Take our comprehensive online training Be at least 18 years old or accompanied by an adult


Each shift lasts no more than 3.5 hours, but you may sign up for more than one You'll receive an in-person training by your Volunteer Coordinator prior to your shift *Volunteer for a shift near you and help show off your neighborhood, or volunteer in one you've always wanted to explore!

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