1st Debtors' Assembly: Portland, Rockwood


NE 172nd & NE Glisan



Don't Fret! Know Your Debt!

This is a free, family-friendly event!

A Debtors' Assembly is:

A gathering of people united by the burden of owed finances.

At Strike Debt (from Occupy Wall St. in NYC), we heard the people share a common dread of accumulating medical debt, student debt, consumer debt and/or "fringe finance." Debt holds back people's futures in their own homes, health, education, and dreams. Banks and creditors are well organized to make profit on loopholes with hidden fees and creeping interests at the expense of us.

We are not a loan. We have a right to pursuit to happiness. We have the right to assemble and access inventories of our debt, our morals, and our futures!

So, what will it take to overcome the schemes to keep people, cities and countries indebted? And how can we dig our communities out of these systemic chains?...

All this and more at Portland's first ever Debtors' Assembly! Come make history with us!

FREE FOOD and FREE ENTERTAINMENT! (Talented Greggory Stockert will be preforming!)