The Global Mass Strike: May First and Beyond


14 NE Killingsworth St.



Rosa Luxemburg was a Polish-Jewish Marxist anti-war activist and revolutionary socialist. In 1906, she penned The Mass Strike, a book on working class power and strategy for overthrowing capitalism and building revolutionary socialism. This eight-part treatise pulls lessons from the Russian revolution, relying on historical fact as opposed to speculation. Throughout, she rigorously addresses the subject of General Strike and its application in the struggle of the working class worldwide throughout the capitalist era.

This information session will cover in brief detail the entirety of Luxemburg's The Mass Strike. After a meet-and-greet, we will start with a presentation of the history discussed in the book. The presentation will include a clip from a present day working class heroine, Teresa Gutierrez. Gutierrez is a Mexican lesbian and leader in Workers World Party who has been at the forefront of May Day demonstrations in New York City for over a decade. From there, we will move onto the analysis of and conclusions arrived at by Luxemburg. Then we will hold break-out discussions on building the struggle for the liberation of the working class and oppressed peoples worldwide beyond May Day. We will conclude by reconvening with discoveries and insights from our discussions.

Refreshments will be provided.